About Culicurious

about_martinsWelcome to CULICURIOUS! We’re Addie K and Jeremy Martin. Our site is dedicated to exploring food and cooking via the lens of culturally relevant recipes, ingredients, and experiences. After several years of wide-ranging exploration, in August 2015, we chose to focus our efforts on studying the world of sandwiches.

So, you might be thinking: “Why sandwiches?” Well, at heart, sandwiches are basic: They’re simple, yet to do them well, one must have a grasp of the fundamentals of cooking. We believe whole-heartedly that one must master the fundamentals before experimentation and recipe creation can happen with any meaningful success.

Our mastery of the fundamentals of cooking comes primarily via Addie’s culinary school education. She graduated from the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. Since then, she’s been mastering her craft by spending time cooking in restaurants and cooking at home. We’re both from Southeast Louisiana where the food and cooking culture is strong and vibrant so we both grew up eating and being exposed to delicious, culturally-based food. In a sense, we’ve been training our whole lives for the task of producing this site.

In addition to wanting to explore the basic but universally appealing sandwich, we were hungry for a refined focus for this site. Previously, we’d publish whatever we’d made that suited our fancy. Having the constraint of only producing sandwiches helps to keep us focused and allows us to have a finite box within which to create. we’ve found that this particular constraint has led to improved recipes, more interesting cultural background and more engaging posts. (We hope you agree!)

We’d like to note that we take considerable liberty with the definition of a “sandwich.” It’s not always sliced meats, cheese, and condiments slapped between two slices of bread. To us, a “sandwich” is an item that has a starch of some type as a base to enable the contained ingredients to be hand-held and portable. By our definition, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, pizza, calzones, or even sushi can count as “sandwiches.” This broad definition allows us to explore cuisines beyond the cultures that rely on bread as a starch. Thus we can explore cuisines around the globe, because every food culture has something that resembles a sandwich — sometimes it just takes creativity to spot it!

As a final note, in May of 2016 we gave up place-based living and started traveling full-time. Each month (or so) we publish a new recipe inspired by the places we’ve been and what we learned there. In each post, we delve into the history of the dish, the ingredients used, the places we procured them, the recipe itself, and the cultural significance of it all. We not only discuss the place of origin and the sandwich’s history, but we also talk about cooking technique and anything that’s pertinent for someone to know when making our recipes. You’ll notice we use lots of photographs (which we take ourselves) because we believe that seeing particular things in pictures is as valuable as reading about them.

Thanks for joining us and thanks for being here. If you’d like to be notified of each post as it publishes, be sure to sign up for our email list. We’ll only send emails when new posts come out. Again, thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to exploring the world of sandwiches with you!