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Three Happiness – #PhoDown

To continue our monthly pho tradition, in November we visited Three Happiness for #PhoDown. Located on Lafayette Street in Gretna, Three Happiness is a combination Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. Chinese actually seems to be the prevalent cuisine but they do offer pho, which is really the only requirement for being included in the #PhoDown dining club.  Also, please note that these photos are all from my iPhone so the quality is variable. Thanks for understanding, dear reader.

In November, we had about 10 people join us. This is a great group of folks from all around New Orleans. We even had Cherie, one of our favorite NOLA ex-pats, in town to join us. What a special treat because Cherie is also a lover of all things pho. If she still lived in New Orleans, I’m sure she’d be part of the group.

As usual, prior to devouring our pho, we ordered egg rolls and spring rolls for the table to share. Both were tasty and pretty standard as far as egg rolls and spring rolls go. We also got some peanut sauce and a sweet chili sauce for dipping the rolls. I’ve had more flavorful versions of each but they weren’t bad.

Eggrolls, Spring Rolls and Accompanying sauces

What I really enjoyed here at Three Happiness was the shrimp toast. I’m new to the concept of shrimp toast overall but have really enjoyed it both times that I’ve tried it. It’s a small triangle of toast covered with minced shrimp and sesame seeds. It can either be baked or fried but this definitely looked fried.  Oh my, was it good. It was buttery too.  That might have been the deep-frying or maybe they used butter.  Either way, delicious.

Shrimp toast

Finally on to our pho. As usual, I got the medium-rare beef pho. While it was good, it definitely wasn’t my favorite pho ever. It was a bit flat on flavor, even after being dressed up with herbs, sauces and lime juice. Some pho has a nice spicy undertone on them – not spicy but you can taste the spices like star anise, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. This really had none of that prevailing. Which was disappointing overall. But hey, they can’t all be winners, unfortunately.

Medium Rare Beef Pho

Overall, this is not a pho I’d recommend going out of your way to try. If you dine here, you’d probably be better off with some of their Chinese menu items. Definitely try the shrimp toast. That I can recommend whole-heartedly.

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  • Love that you do a monthly pho meetup – wish I had that many pho places here to do that! Happy New Year, Addie!!

    • Thanks, Julie! We’re blessed to have such a variety here 🙂

  • Liz DellaCroce

    Oh man I love this!! Pho is my all time favorite and I crave it all the time!!!!

    • I love it too 🙂 So delicious and packed with flavor!