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Tan Dinh – #PhoDown

Here we are again for the most recent installment of #PhoDown. This month (February) we’d planned to visit a place called Kim’s Restaurant only to arrive and find that it was not open according to the hours they have posted online. So we scrambled and decided to revisit Tan Dinh.


We originally visited Tan Dinh back in June of 2012ย (before I was doing monthly write ups),ย and some of our current #PhoDown members hadn’t visited before so we went back. I am really glad we did! Tan Dinh is among the best pho places we’ve visited thus far. I remember liking their pho broth, and they also have quite an extensive menu with loads of appetizers.

As usual, we did start our meal with a few appetizers. Below are the tofu spring rolls that we had. They were delicious. Check out that slab of fried tofu in the roll. It was perfectly cooked and made a wonderful spring roll. The peanut sauce was very tasty as well. Definitely recommend this dish.


Next we tried the pork and shrimp spring rolls. As you can see they are stuffed with shrimp and nice cuts of pork. They were served with the same peanut sauce as the tofu spring roll. I enjoyed these but not as much as the tofu roll. Sometimes I find these rolls can be just a little bland – there’s not much to them really. Make sure to coat it in peanut sauce for the ultimate experience.


Our last appetizer was one of their chicken wing dishes. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. They use the whole jointed wing and everything. They were crispy, sweet and spicy. So, so good. They’re actually known for their chicken wings so you’d be remiss if you visited and didn’t partake. Bonus – the pickled veggies that you see on the left-hand side of the plate were delicious too. They were tangy and crisp. Very fresh tasting. I think I ate all of them.


Finally, the main event – the rare flank pho. Below I caught a picture of mine while I was in the process of dressing it up. I usually like to add a little hoisin, bean sprouts, copious amounts of lime, and a little basil or cilantro (depending on what they have). I don’t typically add sriracha because I don’t care for my pho to be spicy. It’s hot enough as it is. The spice just puts me over the edge.


This pho was very tasty. The Chinese five spice and other flavoring ingredients were prominent and really stood out in the soup. So often broths are bland and don’t live up to their potential. Not here. Tan Dinh has a great beef pho.

So that’s pretty much it. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we just had fun! I love my #phodown girls (and Alex – our only steady guy, who sadly wasn’t there this month). We always have such a great time. And also, now we’re moving over to the East bank of the river – where most of us actually live – to start trying all the pho that’s offered over here. I’m really excited!!

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