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Six Mexican Soup Recipes

We’re excited to announce that, as a result of our five months of travel throughout Mexico, we’ve developed and published a short e-cookbook featuring six Mexican soup recipes. Each recipe was developed here, on the road in Mexico, inspired by the locations we visited and the ingredients we found there.

Six Mexican Soup Recipes, an e-cookbook

From the onset, we decided that we’d only cook Mexican food while here in Mexico. Sure, it would have been easy to just eat what we’d normally eat (American and Cajun food, mainly), but we wanted to fully immerse ourselves in where we were. That meant not only preparing standards like tacos, quesadillas, and beans and rice, but also delving into the world of Mexican soups. Moreover, while in Mexico, we cooked the vast majority of our meals. This was mainly for budgetary reasons but it also provided the opportunity to hone our cooking skills and dig deep into the Mexican culinary world.

With this book, you can experience the variety and flavors of Mexican cuisine like we have. Most, if not all, of these ingredients can be readily found in American grocery stores. The recipes are loaded with standard ingredients like poblano peppers, tomatoes, onions, dried chiles, beef stew meat, rotisserie chicken, and tomatillos. These recipes are easy to prepare and store well in the fridge for leftovers.

The six recipes we’ve included are

Beef Enchilada Soup—a tasty blend of ancho chiles, tortillas, and beef
Carne Guisada—a Tejano classic; it’s beef stew with a chile-flavored twist
Chicken Poblano Stew—a hearty dish that’s also loaded with corn and potatoes
Sopa de Lima—the classic Yucatecan soup featuring chicken and lime
Pozole Verde—the green version of this venerable classic with pork and tomatillos
Sopa de Nopales—a citrusy-flavored cactus pad and chicharrónes soup

Each recipe includes detailed instructions and is scaled for either six or eight servings. We’ve also included a full color photo of a bowl of each soup and provided background and context for each recipe.

Now that your tastebuds are primed, where to find this book: we’ve created an interactive, beautifully designed webpage via Atavist where you can purchase this book for only $1.99.

With that purchase price, you have the ability to download the book as a .epub file or print a copy to PDF. This means you can have your very own copy, storing the recipe booklet on your tablet, reader (Kindle, Nook, Kobo), smart phone, or computer, where you can use it anywhere, anytime, just like a real book. Check your receipt email for access to your reader account to download!


Thank you for supporting our work!


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