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Pho Hoa – #PhoDown

Once again it’s time for our monthly installment of #PhoDown! Since December’s a crazy time of year, we did skip last month but we had January’s meeting early this month to get ahead of the Mardi Gras and Super Bowl craziness here in New Orleans.  The next month is going to be a wild, wild ride around here.

This month’s #PhoDown dinner took place at Pho Hoa, located on Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey, LA, just across the river from New Orleans. Pho Hoa is a small, well-lit and very unassuming pho shop.  It actually has the smallest menu of any place we’ve visited so far but it’s also the most focused.  They have very little on the menu that’s not pho.  But that’s OK because that’s why we were all there!


We started dinner with a version of our traditional appetizer spread: shrimp and pork spring rolls, crab rangoon and a new interesting twist – a shredded pork spring roll with pig skin mixed in.  It sounded so intriguing, we just had to order it.  Later on fried egg rolls were ordered, but I missed the shot to get them.

Below are the traditional shrimp and pork spring rolls. Those were tasty and standard. Definitely something to order if you’re a spring roll fan. Dipping sauce was peanut sauce-based and very good.


Next up is crab rangoon. These were much larger than regular crab rangoon but just as tasty as always.  Plus they came with an interesting ginger sauce for dipping (not pictured). But it was amazing – sweet and gingery and a perfect complement. This dish is highly recommended.


Finally on the appetizer front, the shredded pork and pork skin spring roll. While this was fairly good, it wasn’t a home run. The pork skin was limp and a little tough. The flavor of the spring roll was good but the texture was a little wonky. My recommendation would be to skip these unless you somehow like chewy pork skin.  Then by all means, this dish is for you.  It’s a great concept just not executed to be geared toward the Western palate.


As usual, I got my rare beef pho.  High compliments to Pho Hoa because they provided an extremely delicious pho. It’s among my favorite that I’ve had on this fantastic pho tour. The broth was well-seasoned and rich in flavor. The only ding I can provide is that the noodles were all stuck together, which I’ve never seen before but once disentangled, they were great.


In summation, Pho Hoa is a great place to visit for pho.  They’ve got over 15 different versions so there’s something for every there.  Except vegetarians. Unfortunately the offerings are pretty slim but there are one or two dishes that are able to be transformed to pescatarian if you ask them nicely.

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