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Pho Danh 4 Restaurant – #PhoDown

As many of you probably know, I have a monthly dinner club here in New Orleans. It’s lovingly called #PhoDown, and our goal is to try a bowl of pho from every Vietnamese restaurant in the greater New Orleans area.  We’ve been meeting most of this year, and we’re actually up to our seventh restaurant.  In October, we dined at Pho Danh 4, the noodle shop inside the Hong Kong Food Market in Gretna.

The Hong Kong Food Market is this great Asian market nestled deep on the West Bank. It has a wide variety of specialty items, many of which are unfamiliar to Westerners.  It’s really fun to just go in there and explore to see what types of things you can find.  Items range from fresh (and amazingly cheap) produce, fresh live fish and seafood, snacks, tea, cooking ingredients and cookware.  And that’s really just scratching the surface.

In the entranceway to the market sit a couple small businesses, one of which is Pho Danh 4.  The namesake is common in the pantheon of Vietnamese restaurants.  Hence, the one we have in our city is the fourth.  It’s a brightly lit, minimally (but nicely) decorated space that can probably seat about 100 people. I’ve never seen more than about 20 in there, but I’m never in there on Sunday mornings, which apparently a huge time of day for noodle shops.

On this particular #PhoDown, we had seven ladies in attendance.  We always start with a plate of spring rolls and egg rolls.  Sometimes we’ll order another dish if one appeals, and here, one did.  We also ordered the deep-fried tofu.  Not everyone orders pho, but I always do.  I mainly stick with the rare sliced beef, when it’s an option.  If not, I get whatever basic beef bowl is available.  Pho Danh 4 actually had a beef and meatball dish and I was intrigued so I ordered that.  Below are our dishes and some thoughts on each…

We started with the Egg Rolls with sweet and sour sauce.  They were tiny little crispy egg rolls, the kind I prefer.  Sometimes you still get egg rolls in those heavy greasy wonton wrappers.  Not these – perfect little batons filled with pork and veggies.

Egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce

Next came the Fried Tofu.  It was a very simple dish of deep-fried firm tofu with a delightful dipping sauce.  The sauce was slightly sweet but not spicy.  Great accompaniment.

Fried Tofu with SauceFinally came the Spring Rolls with a peanut sauce.  Those were delicious!  Honestly, though, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad spring roll (*knocks on wood*).  They were well-prepared and very tasty.

Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Last but certainly not least was the pho!  I got the pho with sliced beef and meatballs. While the broth was very flavorful and tasty, I did not like the texture of the meatballs. There was definitely some mystery meat in those.  But, live and learn. Next time, sliced beef all the way!

Beef and Meatball Pho

Overall, Pho Danh 4 is a great place.  The pho is tasty, and they have a wide variety of menu options.  They even have drunken noodles, which are fantastic.  Get them some time if you can.  Aside from its proximal distant location from New Orleans proper, Pho Danh 4 is a great place for pho.  And besides, before or after your meal you can roam the Hong Kong Food Market for awesome snacks or ingredients!

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  • cquek

    omg! these look delicious.

  • Drunken noodles? Well that sounds amazing!

    • They are! I’m not exactly sure how they make them but the flavor is heavenly 🙂