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Peach and Basil Infused Vodka Recipe

Peach and Basil infused vodka

In Life:

It’s finally fall. Well, sort of. It’s like “back to school” time. Or it’s possible that enough time has passed that we’re not “back to school” but just plain old in school. I know a lot of kids in the South go back to school in mid-August so they’re already nearly a month in. That new schoolbag aroma has worn off, and the lockers already smell like dirty gym shoes. Well, maybe. Actually, let’s hope not!

Personally, my experience with “back to school” is limited to once again observing the school zones on my morning and afternoon commutes and dealing with the influx of traffic in my neighborhood. I live within spitting distance of three schools plus there’s one more huge high school just over Broad St. from me. Even when you’re not in school or have kids, everyone’s affected by how the whole rest of the world operates in that time period.

Overall, I enjoy it. I still choose to embrace the bookends that are school starting and ending for the year. Even though I don’t get the holidays off like the school kids do, I still relish when they happen because once again my commutes are simpler and my neighborhood quieter. There’s a ritual and a calming and a routine to the whole school year thing. I’m a person who thrives on routine so it’s easy to see how I embrace this whole thing, even by proxy.

What about you? Are you a parent or student? Embracing “back to school” or over it already? Or are you like me and just enjoy (or hate) the whole “back to school” time of year? Let me know in the comments. As always, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

In Cooking:

Today is not so much about cooking but about infusion! Back in July at Tales of the Cocktail, I had the good fortune to try Purity Vodka. They sponsored the media room lunch one day and had a tasting room. We blind taste tested Purity against Grey Goose. Much to my surprise (because I didn’t know anything about Purity), the Purity was much tastier than the Grey Goose. My mind was pretty much blown right then. And my preference for vodka brands forever changed.

Peach and Basil infused vodka

I like a very smooth and delicately flavored vodka, and that’s exactly what Purity delivers. After Tales of the Cocktail, the Purity folks reached out to me, and I of course accepted their offer to try a bottle on my own. Since this vodka is so light and refreshing I figured it would be perfect for infusing. I have some girl friends who are all into liquor infusions so I figured I’d do one of my own. Hence, this peach and basil infused vodka recipe idea was conceived.

Infusing alcohol is actually ridiculously easy. All it takes to be successful is good ingredients, time and patience. I used delicious yellow peaches from Hollygrove Market and Farm and basil from my very own basil plant. A crucial side note: Basal, our basil plant, is very near the end of his life. Alas, it’s been a good run….and I’ve gotten so much delicious basil from him. He’s spending his last days quietly resting on the front porch getting all the sunlight and water his little heart desires. (Side note #2: I love this plant, obvs!)

Key Ingredients for Peach and Basil infused vodka

Quality of ingredients is crucial when infusing liquor. The peaches must be ripe (read: sweet) but also firm so that they don’t “rot” during the infusion process. Also, use very fresh basil leaves. You want strong and vibrantly colored leaves. Not some week-old wilting and dying leaves. A liquor infusion will take on both the good and bad characteristics of anything you put into the bottle so choose wisely on what you put in there. You probably already know how it goes: garbage in, garbage out (as they say in the restaurant world). Quality and freshness matter.

Preparing the peaches is probably the “hardest” part of this whole process. By that I mean, you must peel, de-pit and chop the peaches. Below I have a step by step for you for easy dicing – this is after you’ve peeled the peach and removed the pit. First slice the peach long-ways into 1/2″ wide pieces. Then run the knife back through the peach in the opposite direction making little cubes. Or near cubes. They won’t be perfect and they don’t need to be. I like cutting the peaches about this size because you get a lot of surface area without the peach pieces being so small that they disintegrate.

How to Dice Peaches for Infusing Vodka

Once the ingredients are prepped, add them to a jar or container with a lid. You’ll want to seal this baby up. The alcohol will want to evaporate if it’s not contained. And also, you don’t want any other fridge smells getting into the infusion. This will be sitting in your fridge for 5 days so we don’t want it smelling (or worse, tasting) like whatever else you’ve got in there. Finally, you will need to lightly shake this daily so a tight fitting lid is crucial on this front especially. Fair warning: before you strain your infusion, it may look like scary rotten fruit and basil.

Peach and Basil infused vodka

Don’t be scared. And truthfully, I didn’t include a picture because it was so ugly. I wanted to get rid of that stuff ASAP. But then look at how lovely and pink the vodka turned out. So pretty and delicate looking. And Purity was the perfect vodka for this infusion. The final product was smooth and tasted of peaches and basil. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Later this week, I’ll be sharing a spritzer recipe with you that uses this vodka and some prosecco (also from a Tales of the Cocktail connection).

Peach and Basil infused vodka

Yield: 750 ml vodka

Peach and Basil Infused Vodka Recipe

This peach and basil infused vodka recipe is ready in five days. It's simple to prepare and totally delicious!


  • 1 bottle Purity vodka
  • 8 ripe but firm peaches, large diced (peelings and pit removed first)
  • 1 cup loosely packed, very fresh basil leaves


  1. Add all ingredients to a sealable container (at least 2 quarts in capacity).
  2. Place cap tightly on bottle or jar and shake to combine.
  3. Refrigerate the mixture for 5 days, shaking once per day.
  4. On the fifth day, strain the vodka and use as desired.
  5. Store in the refrigerator in an air tight container

Bon Appetit provided guidelines for infusing liquor.

Prep:15 minutes

Total:5 days, 15 minutes

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Disclosure: Purity Vodka provided me with a bottle of their product. All opinions expressed are sincere and my own.

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