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Our Visit to The Seafood Shed


As many of you may know, I am originally from Lafourche Parish, specifically the town of Golden Meadow.  Some of you may know it as the “speed trap of the South.”  I know it as home.  Nestled along Bayou Lafourche and Louisiana Highway 1, this sleepy little town is about 30 miles north of Grand Isle, LA.  This past weekend I was there for a visit and hit up The Seafood Shed with my Mom and nephew.

Brief History of the Area:
Today the main industries in Golden Meadow are the oil and seafood industries. In the past fishing, trawling, oyster picking and trapping were mostly how people made their livings.  With the modernization of society and the development of the global economy, the US began importing things such as seafood from foreign countries (ahem, China). This has seriously affected the fishing industry in South Louisiana.  Also, with the advent of the oil industry in the 1950’s came the digging out of the fresh water marshes for shipping canals.  Not only did this destroy most of the marshlands but it also decimated the trapping industry as well.  The recent BP oil spill disaster was another huge, unneeded blow to our fragile ecosystem and commerce.

However, each year there are brave men (and a few very strong women) who still go out and trawl each season.  This work is very difficult, and it is very expensive just to prepare a trawl boat for the task.  This includes all maintenance to the boat, the array of nets as well as gas, ice, and food for the crew.  Last year’s spring and fall inshore trawling seasons (known as the May and August seasons) were all but non-existent due to the BP oil spill.  This year many are going out there again and doing their best to make the only living they may know how.

Our Visit:
My mom was in town this past weekend and she always loves to buy shrimp when here so we headed down to The Seafood Shed, located on the south side of Golden Meadow between the floodgates and the Tidewater dock.  Since my nephew is a heavy machinery enthusiast we decided to bring him along.  Boy, did he have a blast.  Since Sunday was the last day before the August season started on Monday 8/22, The Seafood Shed was a little slow except for the crew, who was busy getting things ready for the inevitable onslaught of trawlers and buyers expected on Monday.  

This gave us ample time to just watch the goings-on.  My nephew loved just watching one of the workers move ice from a large freezer to the holding bins (with a mini dump truck looking machine) and then move those bins full of ice with a fork lift to another area.  He was amazed.  He’s two so everything’s big and amazing at that age.  It was pretty cool to see it, though.

Below are some of the pictures I took on my visit.  I really wanted to share this with all of you so you can see that the shrimp industry in South Louisiana is still alive and fighting for every inch of its life.  I implore you, please, only eat local seafood (especially shrimp) caught in Louisiana.  You have an abundance of fresh, delicious seafood right at your back door.  Take advantage of it!  This industry needs the support of everyone in order to survive.


One of the best things about buying shrimp from a place like The Seafood Shed is that the prices are so low.  You’re basically buying wholesale at this point.  While we were there, the prices were stunning: $4/lb. for 16/20 count, $3.85 for 24/25 count, and $2.20 for 41/50 count.  Prices will vary depending on seasonality.  You cannot find fresher shrimp unless you bought it off the boat (which you can’t really do).

Places like The Seafood Shed used to be plentiful in Golden Meadow.  Now we’re down to just a handful of operations.  Supporting local businesses like this one ensure that they will be around for years to come.

Get There:

  • Address:  21487 Hwy. 1, Golden Meadow, LA 70357
    • ** Tried linking to a Google map but it gave me the wrong location.  The Golden Meadow address is tied to their former Leeville location on the map**
  • Directions:  Heading South on Hwy 1 through Golden Meadow, once you hit the floodgates it’s within a mile, on the left
  • Phone: 985.475.6252
  • Hours:  Couldn’t find any official hours posted but a general rule of thumb is if it’s daylight, they’re open (especially during the inshore seasons).
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