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How to Puree Strawberries

Oh yay, it’s finally here! Time to post about strawberries! I am going to be sharing lots of strawberry recipes and preparation techniques with you over the next few weeks. We’re going to start simple today with how to puree strawberries for use in things ranging from cocktails to desserts.

How to Puree Strawberries - a step by step photo and text guide

Making strawberry puree will come in handy for a couple of upcoming recipes like Stawberry Bellini Cocktails and Lemon and Sparkling Wine-spiked Strawberry sorbet. I know you’re so excited just thinking about it – I know I am! Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Step 1 — Remove the strawberry stems

How to Puree Strawberries - Step #1

You can get fancy here and core the strawberries but since we’re just pureeing these, let’s carefully slice the tops off to remove the stem and the white part of the core. Complete this step for all of the berries before moving on to steps 2-3.

Steps 2 & 3 — Quarter the de-stemmed strawberry

How to Puree Strawberries - Steps #2 & #3

Once all of your strawberries have the stems removed, you’ll want to quarter them one at a time. As you can see below you start with the de-stemmed strawberry from Step 1. In Step 2, you slice it in half length-wise. For Step 3, you take those halves and halve them again lengthwise thus creating a quartered strawberry.

Step 4 — Puree!

How to Puree Strawberries - Step #4

After quartering all your strawberries, it’s now time for pureeing. You can use a variety of tools for pureeing – blender, smoothie maker, immersion blender or food processor (to name a few). Add the strawberries to the machine and then puree. It’s super easy. And then you have delicious strawberry puree that can be used for a wide variety of things.

Stay tuned because this coming week we have recipes for three strawberry cocktails. One uses pureed strawberries and the other two use muddled strawberries. Best part, all three utilize a different type of liquor. Eek, I can hardly wait!

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