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Citrusy Gin and Tonic Slushy Recipe

Citrusy Gin & Tonic Slushy Recipe

In Life:

Hello from cold and gray upstate New York! Wait, what? Yes, Jeremy and I are staying in upstate New York for three weeks this December. We’re here because of his work – they have a branch office up here. I was lucky enough to be able to come along because my in-laws live near the office, and since I work from home, I can get my work done anywhere, right???

Today is actually our first full day here. We spent most of yesterday in transit. We got to the airport in New Orleans around 7:30am then our flight took off just before 10am. This was my first time flying JetBlue! How exciting. 🙂 Thankfully, we had a direct flight which took us right into JFK airport. We then took off with Jeremy’s dad to Manhattan to get some security clearance for Jeremy. Apparently, it’s a BFD when you need to work on a bridge in New York. I totally understand. Finally in the afternoon, we headed up state (by car), up to where we are now in the Hudson Valley.

I am looking forward to our time up here. It’s nice to get to spend the time with Jeremy’s parents and actually experience true winter. We don’t get real winter in New Orleans. Sure, it gets cold for a few days at a time. But not like here. It’s sooooo cold here now, and it will just get colder. I brought lots of layers and warm things. Thankfully, I do have proper winter clothes. I don’t wear them often in New Orleans, but I’m so glad I have them now.

What about you? Do you live somewhere where it’s cold and you have REAL winter? Or are you a Southern Belle like me? Share your thoughts and experiences on winter in the comments below. I’m real interested to hear how you deal with it! I also need some good “stay warm” tips!

In Cooking:

So when I was originally making this gin and tonic slushy recipe, I was thinking that my story was going to be that we get winter here in New Orleans, but it’s not that bad of winter. Funny thing is now I’m up in upstate New York in the belly of the winter beast. BRRRR. But even now, as I sit by the fire and see the cold gray sky outside, I can’t help but have a little craving for this drink. Despite the fact that it would simply make my toes little ice blocks right now, I want some.

Citrusy Gin & Tonic Slushy Recipe

Let’s travel [in our minds] back to summer. Back to the days when it was over 90 in New Orleans. Let’s go back again to Tales of the Cocktail. Broker’s Gin was another cocktail contact I made back then. They were kind enough, like Caorunn, to send me a nice bottle of their London Dry Gin. I had such a busy late summer/fall that I am just getting around to publishing this recipe. I developed it in October right after I got done with being sick for two weeks (yuck, yes that happened), and this slushy was a welcome return to the land of the drinking. I’d gone nearly three weeks without a drink because prior to the week of me getting sick, I was on a seven day drinking sabbatical (which I do from time to time).

But now I am back among the drinking, and I am really enjoying this gin and tonic slushy. London Dry Gin is a great type of gin for making gin and tonics. Broker’s Gin is a great brand of gin to use because it has a clean, crisp flavor. They’ve won multiple flavor and taste awards over the years. Besides making a great gin and tonic, Broker’s Gin makes an excellent martini as well. They won the “World’s Best Martini” title last year at the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge in NYC – wish I could have been there!!

Citrusy Gin & Tonic Slushy Recipe

Oh and I also got the Tomr’s tonic concentrate that you see above at Tales of the Cocktail, too. It was like a match waiting to happen. Finally, I also put a little Cointreau in this drink to punch up the citrus flavor along with the Meyer lemon. I had a bottle on hand from a project I did with them over the summer so I was happy to use a bit more of that delicious concoction as well.

I need to give another shout out to a generous brand here. Below you see my Ninja Mega Kitchen system. I met the folks at Ninja at the BlogHer Food conference this summer. They generously sent me this powerful, delightful machine upon my arrival home. It makes the best smoothies and slushies. Oh yes. I was making an individual portion of my slushy below so I used the single-drink canister on my Ninja Mega System, but they do have two larger pitchers that also come with the machine. It’s a very versatile and powerful machine. I love the way it cuts through ice to make a perfectly blended smoothie.

Citrusy Gin & Tonic Slushy Recipe

As you can see sometimes it takes a village of kind, generous brands to bring YOU a great drink. The only thing I really had to buy for this drink was the Meyer lemon you see in the ingredient photo. It was actually a weird looking Meyer lemon – it was orange. But it was deliciously fruity/tangy. I love Meyer lemons. They’re one of winter’s sweet and tart treats.

Let’s get on to the recipe! I forgive you if you need to wait till warmer weather to imbibe on this one, but if you live in the South or the Southwest, you need to make this drink STAT. It’ll change the way you drink gin and tonic. 🙂

Citrusy Gin & Tonic Slushy Recipe

Yield: 1 cocktail

Citrusy Gin and Tonic Slushy Recipe

This gin and tonic slushy recipe is made with Broker's London Dry Gin, Tomr's Tonic Concentrate, Cointreau and fresh Meyer lemons. Delish!


  • 2 cups ice
  • 2 fluid ounces Broker’s London Dry gin
  • 1 fluid ounce Tomr’s Tonic Concentrate
  • 1 fluid ounce Cointreau
  • 1 Meyer lemon, juiced (about 1 tablespoon juice)
  • Garnish: a Meyer lemon wheel


  1. Combine all ingredients except garnish in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth, garnish with lemon wheel and serve immediately.

Prep:5 min

Total:5 min

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Disclosure: Broker’s gin provided me a free bottle of their London Dry Gin. Nothing was required in return. I received the bottle of Tomr’s tonic as a party favor at a Tales of the Cocktail party. Finally, Ninja gave me the Mega Kitchen System as a gift. Nothing required in return. As always, all opinions expressed here are sincere and my own.

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