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Charlie’s Seafood Restaurant

[4/19/13 note – Charlie’s closed today. It’s a sad day for the New Orleans community. Below is an account of my last visit there.]


On a recent Saturday, we had lunch with Jeremy’s family at Charlie’s Seafood over in Harahan.    I’ve only eaten here a couple of times but each time I do, I am very happy with it.  That’s not surprising considering Frank and Marna Brigtsen own and operate Charlie’s Seafood.  They haven’t always done so, but they bought the establishment and reopened it in 2009.  You can read a brief version of the history of the restaurant on their site.

Front door sign for Charlie's Seafood

Although the original sign on the restaurant says “Charles Sea Foods” it’s called and has always been Charlie’s Seafood. Look for the signature red sign!​

Charlie’s Seafood is one of those New Orleans seafood restaurants where you can get your po-boy and gumbo fantasies easily fulfilled.  Even better is that they have other indigenous dishes to Louisiana that are a little more rare to find around these parts:  meat pies, seafood pies and shrimp calas.  Charlie’s Seafood also serves boiled seasonal seafood and a full entrée menu.  Yum, yum.

Charlie’s Seafood is a little drive from New Orleans – 20 minutes or so from the center of the city, but it is definitely worth the visit.

The Food:

Italian Salad from Charlie's Restaurant

I started my meal with an Italian Salad – iceberg lettuce with tomato, artichoke, olive salad, Parmesan cheese, boiled egg and vinaigrette.

Seafood Gumbo from Charlie's Restaurant

​My next course was a bowl of seafood gumbo – shrimp, crab, oysters, andouille and okra over rice. So tasty!!

Seafood Pie from Charlie's Seafood

My final dish was a seafood pie – flaky pastry crust stuffed with cream sauce, shrimp and crabmeat. These are handmade by Ms. Janet Caldwell, a long time restaurant employee. Very good. ​

Get There:

Address:  8311 Jefferson Hwy., Harrahan, LA 70123
Phone:  504-737-3700
Hours:  Mon 11a – 2p; Tue – Sat 11a – 9p
Find them also on Facebook

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  • Even though the sign has always said Charles, it’s always been Charlie’s. I love that Frank Brigtsen bought it and brought it back to life.

    • You know, I did read that somewhere that even though is said “Charles,” it was always “Charlie’s.” I’m really glad it’s back too. I never did visit the original but the reincarnation is great! 🙂